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SCMagento::Stock from SC Stock table


This plugin “SCMagento::Stock from SC Stock table” will send the stock amount of a specific StoreView (configured in the data map) to Magento. Also, the is_in_stock parameter will be set to 1 (=”yes”) if the amount is greater than zero and set to 0 (“no”) if the amount is zero.


Select “SC::Stock” as the attribute in the first coulumn of the mapping table and select the plugin “SCMagento::Stock from SC Stock table”.

Click on the gearwheeel symbol (see red mark above) to open further settings for this plugin. You can now make further settings and/or set conditions that apply.

You can map your stocks to your StoreViews in the language mapping section of the source data set:


Value Description Example
qty Stock value 100
is_in_stock 0 / 1 1 (if the stock amount is larger than 1, “is in stock” will be sent as 1 (meaning “yes”)

PIM Value

The values for the de -shop are taken from “Lager 1” in our example, for the en-shop it is “Lager 2”:

Result for the Magento export:

For shop “de”

For shop “en”

Further information

Please note: You can find a guide on how to set up the SC-StockTable here: Price and stock management.

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