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Configure mediaurls

In OXID there is a possibility to attach media files to a product. For this you can use the oxmediaurls. The following will describe how to configure these.

First, the attribute export name need to be oxmediaurls. Usually the Contentserv attribute is of attribute type “Reference to File”

The export transformation plugin should be “SC:Schleife – Schleifenkopf (Konfiguration der Schleifenwerte)

Afterwards the config “Schleifenwerte für CS MAM Referenzen” needs be configured. There you need to define which attributes of the reference you want to export in general. In the below example, we want to export Label, MamPath, LocalPath, LocalExportPath as well as a dynamic attribute with ID 29:

The config “SC:Komplex – Mehrere Werte gleichzeitig exportieren” needs to be configured to. Here you define the export name of the attributes you defined before.

The Format type “SC:Schleife – Schleifenwert (einzelner Wert)” needs to be configured, so that the Connector knows which attribute to export in which configured export name.

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