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SC::Shopware – Price from SC Price table


The “SC::Shopware – Price from SC Price table” plugin delivers prices specific for Shopware. It takes the prices from the SAWS price table.


Insert the attribute “CS::Prices” and select the function “SC::Shopware – Price from SC Price table” in the dropdown menu.

Click on the red marked button for the extended settings, a new window opens.
Here you set your value that should be transfered to your system. Select the pricetype that should be exported.

Save your settings.

In the “Language mapping” you set the classification of  the prices.

Target language = which shop (at shopware) should be delivered.
SWPriceType = what kind of price should be delivered (e.g. Purchase Price)

Result in the log files


Attention: you can find the instruction for the configuration of the pricetable at the section, 1.1. Getting started -> Price and stock management.

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