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Format value lists


With the plugin “SC::List – format value lists” you can export different values from value lists (e.g. the unformatted value). Also you can customize the export in the extended settings.


Insert the attribute and select the function “SC::format value lists” in the dropdown menu.

In this example we show you the different output from an unformatted and a formatted value of a value list.

Click on the red marked button for the extended settings, a new window opens.
Here you set your value that should be transfered to your system.

Value Description Example
Transform the source value using this plugin Define which formatted value should be formatted “cs formatted value”/”cs unformatted value”
Delimiter between references Here you configure which separator should be used between the references.  |
Start with element x for multi-references (use -1 to reverse direction) Here you configure at which reference the output of the values should begin (only for multi-references). Set negative numbers for the reverse direction.
Number of elements to be returned Insert here a decimal number that decides how much parts to send of the reference.
Force return of the references/values as array If this is activated the plugin will set for every value or reference a new array.
Alternative formatting This plugin will be executed if it is required by a condition.

Value list PIM:

You generate a value list in the PIM Studio settings for the translation from unformatted values and translations in other languages.

Add value list to the attribute:

Now you can select the value directly on the product:

Results on the example from the Excel Connector.

Results on the example from GenericJSON

Result in the log files


Language dependence:

If the language dependence is active you can configure different values in every language for this attribute.

To activate language dependence:

For this go in the PIM to the attribute and edit it. Then click on this option:


German PIM:

English PIM:

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