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Send price from SC price table


The plugin “SC::Price – send price from SC price table” will export values from your SC price table.


Select the price attribute (type “SC::Prices” in the attribute text field) and select the plugin “SC::Price – send price from SC price table” from the dropdown menu.

Click on the gearwheel icon next to the plugin to go to further plugin settings. You can now make further settings to the specifics of the values you wish to export (please see table below).

Plugin settings:

Example price table from CS PIM:

Example definition of price types:


Example definition of currencies:



Example for marketing/distribution channels:



Value Description Example
Select column from the price table to be returned. Select the name of the column from the SC price table you wish to export. Usually, you would select the column that contains your prices. “Price”
Choose the price types to search for. The second price type is the fallback. Select the price type you wish to export. You can select two price types; if the first price type does not contain a value for a product, the second price type will be used as a fallback option. Purchase Price[PP]

Special Price[SP]

Prefer currency from language data map. If this checkbox is enabled, the currency settings you made in the “Language mapping” section of your source data set will be used (and overwrite, if neccessary) the settings you make here. E.g. if you mapped EUR as your currency and your purchase price contains USD values, EUR will be exported if this checkbox is enabled.  enabled/disabled
Standard currency Set a default value for your currency. Selectable values come from the value list shown above.  “EUR”
Prefer distribution channel from language data map. Enable if you wish to prefer the settings for your marketing channels from the “Language mapping”.  enabled/disabled
Standard distribution channel Set a default value for your marketing channel. Selectable values come from the value list shown above.  enabled/disabled
Valid in (delivers price in the future, 1=valid tomorrow) Select the price validity that is to be considered for the export from the drop-down menu. Valid today
Delivers expired prices (ignores valid in setting) If enabled, this setting will overwrite whatever you set for the “Valid in” setting. If no valid price for the price type you indicated in “Choose the price types to search for…” can be found, the last valid price will be exported, even if that price has expired.  enabled/disabled
Decimal separator Select if the decimal separator for your prices is supposed to be “,” or “.”.  “.”

From version 1.9 there are new features for the price plugin

The price to be exported can be controlled by the validity. You can set a fixed valid from date directly or by placeholder.


It is possible to choose in x days valid or valid from a certain date:

The valid from date can also be set using placeholder:

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