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Send stock from SC stock table


With the plugin “SC::Stock – send stock from SC stock table” you can send individually configurable stock values from the SC stock table to your target system.


Insert the attribute and select the function “SC::Stock – send stock from SC stock table” in the dropdown menu.

Click on the gearwheel button for the extended settings, a new window opens.
Here you set your value that should be transfered to your system.


Value Description Example
Select column from the stock table that is to be returned Select which column should be returned. Amount
Prefer stock from data map (language section). Enable if you wish to prefer the stock you indicated in your “Language settings” section in the first tab of the data map. enabled (uses the stock from the data map)
Default stock Indicate a default stock to be used. Overwrites the setting from the stock mapping in the language map. Stock Munich
Pipe(|)-separated list with regions that are to be searched for Define here from what region the plugin should send the stock amount.
If several stock entries are found: Select what you wish to be done if several stock entries were found for the default stock. Add all values
Alternative formatting This plugin will be executed if it is required by a condition (Setting “Set your conditions here”).


Value PIM

Results for the Excel Connector as an example

Results for the GenericJSON as an example

Results from the log files


Prefer stock from data map (language section):

While this function is active the plugin will take the stock from the data map and the settings from the default stock will be ignored.

Example stock from data map the language section:

Further information

please note: You can find a guide on how to set up the SC stock table here: Price and stock management.

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