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Format numbers


The plugin “SC::Number – format numbers” can alter any kind of number for your target system (e.g. like conversion or rounding the number). Additionally,  you can define further specifications for numbers.


Insert the attribute and select the function “SC::Number – format numbers” in the dropdown menu.

Click on the red marked button for the extended settings, a new window opens.
Here you set your value that should be transfered to your system.

Value Description Example
Transform the source value using this plugin Here you define how the value should be formated cs unformatted value
Multiplier that is to be used to multiply the value with (conversion) Here you can set the value with that the number should be multiplied. 1.8
Number of decimal places That input (as number) set the amount of characters behind the decimal point. 2
Type of rounding Select the kind of rounding for the number. default: rounds up to the next number (at x.5 it rounds up)
Decimal separator Define the character for the decimal point.  ,
Thousand separator Define here the character for the thousand separator.  .
Alternative formatting This plugin will be executed if it is required by a condition.

Results on the example from the Excel Connector.

Results without plugin

Results with plugin

Results on the example from GenericJSON.

Results from the log files


Multiply numbers with comma

By multiplications with a value that has numbers behind a comma in the configuration (e.g. 1,8) consider the separator for this number must be a dot (e.g. 1.8).

Multiply with zero

If you set no value for the multiplication or you set a “0” the number doesn’t change.

Rounding the number up or down

If you want your number to be round you must use the unformatted value of the number. Because a number is a value with a dot as separator (for the program e.g. 1.8). And to round the number you must define no decimal places because if you set decimal places behind the number than there is no need to round.

Set your configuration like this and select the plugin to round your number:

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