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Create View tree automatically

In your Connector, you can select if you wish to export data from the PIM product tree or from view trees. There are several reasons why exporting from a view tree can have advantages.


In the view trees, one product can be assigned to several categories and you can see easily which products are part of the synchronisation to the shop system. Moreover, the connector can quickly determine which products have changed and must be synchronized again.
In order to avoid having to manually add products to a view using drag&drop, many customers asked for a solution to automatically assign products to a view tree, using certain attributes on the product that determine which shop categories the product will be assigned to.


We developed an active script that helps you create view trees automatically, using attributes that you determine to be the deciding factor for an assignment. The following video will sho you how easy it is to configure the active script.

If your project offers certain challenges, for example if your attribute for the category assignment is not a view reference attribute but a select box, you can also create your own active script that inherits its properties from the SAWSConnector script. All you need to do is to overwrite the relative methods.


Update for SAWSConnector version 1.7.x and up: the view creation script now also offers the possibility to only use products with certain workflow statuses or certain classes. In your view creation script, apply the settings as desired:


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