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Configuring categories and products

The correct product type needs to be assigned to the PIM product tree folder:


For one category

Open the category node in the edit mode and set the product type to “category” for each station that you would like to be synchronized.

For several categories at one

Click once on the folder that contains the categories you wish to edit so that its contents are displayed in the main window. Here, click on the “list sub elements” button:

Following that, click on the “filter” button so that the filter bar is displayed:

Look for the “Is folder” field below the filter bar. If you cannot find it, you need to add it to the list first. Click on the “options” icon:

In the dialogue that pops up, click on the “plus” button below the list of fields:

In the data chooser dialogue, scroll down in the lower right handside of the screen until you find the entry “Is folder”. Select it by clicking on it so that is displayed on the right handside of the screen. Click ok in the dialogue.

In the list options dialogue, also click ok. The list will reload. You can now see the “Is folder” column in the list:

In the filter bar, select “true” for the column “Is folder” to display only nodes that are folders:

The list will reload and display only nodes that are folders (=containing child objects). Select all objects displayed and in the drop down menu on the lower edge of the screen (reading “marked”), select “Mass editing”:

Click “ok” in the following dialogue:

A new window will open up. Navigate to the “Channels” tab and in the desired station, set the “product type” to category:

Save your changes using the “Save” button on the upper right handside of this window.

Use the same procedure to configure your products. In the “is folder” column, select “false” this time in order to display all products.

Every product or product group has special settings for OXID. This seettings are made in the PIM module directly on the product and will be handed down to all children so it has to be set only once for a subtree. It is important to notice that information can be handed down in both the Views tree as well as the product tree.

Open a product folder in the PIM module in the edit mode. Every configured station is shown in the tab “Channels”. Within the stations, the OXID eShop settings can be selected. This determines how the PIM product will be delivered to the website in OXID:


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