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TYPO3 Introduction

With the SAWSConnector for TYPO3, you can synchronize CONTENTSERV data to your TYPO3 shop systems with only a few clicks – you decide which system is to be synchronized how often and when. Attribute values such as marketing content, prices, stock values, images and related products can be maintained entirely in the CONTENTSERV PIM and exported using the SAWSConnectors.


The SAWSConnector Typo3 reads all necessary data from the CS PIM and hands them over to our own TYPO3 extension. But, since our extension does not store any data, this extension hands the data over to another extension.
This extension must be designed, created and implemented by each customer themselves since TYPO3 does not have a defined/fixed data model. Thus, SAWSConnector TYPO3 cannot send data to TYPO3 directly but can hand them over to an extension that in turn is built specifically depending on the TYPO3 data model the customer decided to implement in TYPO3. From our experience, creating such a customer-specific extension or data handler will take anywhere between 3 and 10 man days (depending on the complexity of the data model).

Every TYPO3 job has its own setting to send data to a specific extension/data handler so customers are highly flexible:



User-friendly maintenance of product data and marketing content


  • Easy-to-use user interface using trains and a railway system
  • Simple mapping of PIM attributes to the attributes of the connected system
  • Concise layout of tasks as single jobs
  • User-defined coverage of the synchronization (e.g. synchronize prices only vs. synchronize all available data)
  • Time & frequency of the synchronization can be configured freely
  • Simple configuration of different follow-up tasks after the synchronization (e.g. send email)
  • Live preview of already synchronized products

Functional overview

  • Synchronization of websites, layouts, categories and products
  • Synchronization according to CS workflow
  • Synchronization of images (CS MAM or other image sources)
  • Simple layouting in the PIM View using drag&drop in the SAWS page editor for TYPO3
  • Permanent process monitoring and progress bar
  • Optional selection of several simultaneous processes in order to enhance overall performance

Your benefits

  • centralized data maintenance and simultaneous synchronization to a multitude of different shop systems as well as mobile devices and print media
  • easy-to-use and real-time synchronization of product data
  • marketing activities become promptly available
  • simple content preparation for target groups (B2B and B2C)
  • increased data quality guarantees an enduring shopping and purchase experience to potential as well as regular customers
  • increased competitiveness due to decreased data maintenance efforts of your product managers and strategic buyers
  • secure future guaranteed – we constantly work on stable versions for new CONTENTSERV and TYPO3 releases
  • compatibility of several SAWSConnectors increases your flexibility
  • includes a basis for the development of your own Connectors (SDK)


The following chapters describe how to install and configure the components.


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