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Format string


With the plugin “SC::String – format string” you can format strings. You can separate the string, customize upper and lower case and also you can cut prefix and suffix from your string. You can configure the length of the string too. Through a separator (that is in the string) you can set the attribute in more parts. After that the string can be further processed with the plugin “SC::List – format value list” again.


Insert the attribute and select the function “SC::String – format string” in the dropdown menu.

Click on the red marked button for the extended settings, a new window opens.
Here you set your value that should be transfered to your system.

Value Description Example
Transform the source value using this plugin Define which formatted value should be formatted cs formatted value
Starting position of a character string This option configures from which position the string should start. (decimal number) 2
Maximum length of a character string (longer strings will be cut off) This configure the amount of characters how long the string should be for the system. (decimal number) (through negative numbers you can begin the amount at the end of the string) 9
Character string functions Here you can configure extra formattings for the characters. All characters big
Split at this character (returned as list and can be further transformed using the value range plugin) Splitting a string in different values. Insert the character (that is in the string e.g. “-“) from when the plugin should split the string.

Through another plugin the values can be further configurated.

(please see below)
Alternative formatting This plugin will be executed if it is required by a condition.

Results on the example from the Excel Connector.

Output without plugin

Output with plugin

Results on the example from GenericJSON.

Results from the log files

Example: String further transformed using the value range plugin

Therefore select the attribute that should be further transformed and then the function “SC::Complex – multistep formatting” to change the attribute with the value list plugin too.

In the extended settings from the plugin “SC::String – format strings” define when the string should be splitted. At this example a space character is set (red marked field). At the first space character the string should be splitted.

In the extended settings from “SC::List – format value lists” you can the string further transform. For more infos of this plugin see the site SC::List – format value list .

Results on the example from GenericJSON.

Results from the log files


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