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Send value of a job parameter


The plugin “SC::Job – Send value of a job parameter” sends a value of a given job parameter, previously defined in the job. With this plugin, processes can be controlled, for example by a condition plugin.


Navigate to the job settings and set the job parameter:

You can also set several parameters.

Now navigate to the mapping table, insert the attribute “PdmarticleID” and select the function “SC::Job – Send value of a job parameter” in the dropdown menu.

Click on the red marked button for the extended settings to open a new window. Here you can configure your value in the given editor, which result will then be transferred to the system.

Label Description Example
Name of the Job parameter (without brackets and comma separated for multiple values) Name of the Job parameter as defined in the job Param01
Further formatting As you like  …

Results on the example from the SAWSConnector Shopware


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