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Searching for SC::Prices / SC::Stocks

All SAWSConnector tables (prices, stocks and channels) can be added to the extended search option of CONTENTSERV.


The search for SC::Channels is further elaborated here: SC::Channel Search


If you want your table to be added to the seach, please configure the attribute as follows (example shows channel table, the same settings can be made for prices as well as stocks):



In your PIM product tree, open the menu for the CS advanced search by clicking on the gear wheel button next to the search area:



A drop down menu will be made available to you. Open it and search for the desired table you wish to search:



Please note: if the desired attribute is not displayed in this list, please make sure the attribute has been set to “advanced” for “search” (see above).


Depending on the table you selected, you can now enter different columns of a table to be searched with a variety of operators and text areas:


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