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Loop values for SC::Prices

This plugin will iterate value transformations for each entry.

With the plugin “Loop values for SC::Prices” you can send specific price values from the SC::Price table

Value Description Example
Select loop context Defines which values will be processed in the loop  SC::Prices
Name of the loop Loop name in order to be able to access the loop context when several lopps are processed (e.g. Loop1) Schleife1
Plugin *) Transform the source value using this plugin  SC::Loop – Loop value
Element x Start with element x for multi-references (use -1 to reverse direction).
Number Number of elements to be returned


Plugin *) SC::Loop – Loop value

Select the source field of the particular loop value.

If you add i.e. ExternalKey into the param field. The external keys of the references will be delivered! By default the Label will be delivered value.

Result in the log


Export SC::Prices in XML using the loop plugin (Tutorial 5.1, available in German only)

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