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Job configuration

Back in the station overview, click on “Add new job”:


The yet empty job overview opens up. For “mapping table”, select the source data set you added earlier on:


The job mask will now reload and show you more configurable fields:


The following table will explain the input fields:


this is the name of your job

will be displayed here and also in the context menu in the PIM if you configure the job to be visible there (see setting “Visibility or no visibility with placeholder”


if deactivated, it cannot be used anymore

Visibility or no visibility with placeholder


if activated, the job will be available in the PIM (mark a product in the list view, then right click on it. The name of the job will be displayed in the context menu:


Mapping table

displays all IntelliShop source data sets that are available in your system

select the desired source data set.


Delete older log entries, Export data

Select export data here. If you add “delete older log entries”, all log entries older than x (x being configurable in the general CONTENTSERV options) will be deleted. Please note: ALL log files for ALL jobs (also from other stations) will be deleted. Deleting log files is generally recommended if performance is not as desired with your CONTENTSERV system.

Root node

Any root nodes from either Products or Views, depending on the setting you made in the source data set.

Set the rood node from which you would like to export data.

Job related tasks

several possibilities, for further explanations, please see below

Synchronisation methods

several different settings

Select if you would like to synchronize all data or for example only data that changed within the past 24 hours.


Define how many simultaneous processes should run your job.

The more data you need to export, the more processes are recommended. Please note that this may have influence on the performance of your system. Performance greatly depends on your hardware.

First job for getting IntelliShop settings



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