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Loop values for child elements

With the plugin “Loop values for child elements” you can send specific values of direct children.

Different types of records can be selected: Products (CSPIM), Channels (CSView), Files (CSMam), Users (CSUser)

First, select the loop head, so you will iterate value transformations for each entry.

Click on the gear and configure the loop head plugin as follows:

Select the plugin “Loop values for child elements” and save the selection.

Click on the gear and configure the loop values as follows:

Label Description Example
 Name Assign a meaningful name so that you can access it later (share plugin configuration) Loop values for childs
Record type of the children Select Products, Channels, Files or Users  Products (CSPim)
Attribute Select the attributes that should be available Label, PdmarticleID
How many levels should be loaded (0 = all levels) Select the levels  0
Add folder? Folders in the levels should be added: yes/no checked
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