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Field Selector Attribute


Field selector that can be synchronized using the placeholder field.
Select which attributes (MAM, PIM, … references in 1.6, only MAM references in 1.5.3, ) should be available for selection. The selection can then be displayed on products using the type “Placeholder for table values” and the plugin “SCReferenceFieldPlaceholder”.


Create a new attribute and choose the type “Field selector…”

Choose the attributes  that should be made available in the placeholder, created later:

Create a new attribute “Placeholder” and choose the type “Placeholder for table values …”

Configure the Placeholder:

Value Description Example
Attribute Type SPlaceholder for table values on the item depending on table context
Plugin SCReferenceFieldPlaceholder
Select the table context attribute here. none
Select the attribute from the table which you wish to display here FieldSelector field created above FieldSelector (1844)


Example in PIM

Add the new attributes to the product class you would like.

Now you can choose an available attributes of the field selector that will be displayed after check-in.

If you select another attribute, the display changes accordingly

Export on the example of the Excel Connector:

Choose the attribute FieldSelector – Placeholder and the Plugin SCExcel::Insert referenced images into Excel sheet.

Result from the log files:


For the SAWSConnector version 1.5.3 only available for MAM references

For the SAWSConnector version 1.6 available for MAM-, PIM-, User-, Channel- and Attribute-references.

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