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Loop values for CS MAM references

This plugin will send a specific value  of the MAM reference.

Select the loop head, so you will iterate value transformations for each entry.

Click on the gear and configure the loop head plugin as follows.

Select the plugin “Loop values for CS MAM references” and save the selection.

Click on the gear and configure the plugin as follows:


Value Description Example
 Mam Attributes Select the attributes you wish to be available in the loop cycle FileName, Label, FileType, ExportFileName
Preset Preset for local export Thumbnail
local export path Path for the local export of the file export/images
choose Transform language-dependent attributes into non-language-dependent attributes (first source language from the language mapping will be exported) or vice versa  Settings from the attribute

Save your settings and go back to the loop head and configure the single loop values:

Click on the red marked gear and configure the loop values plugin.

The attributes selected above are now available in the selection. A loop counter is additionally available.

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