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Continuing a job with the result file of a previous job

With SAWSConnector – SimpleExcel version 1.7.x and higher, you can now configure jobs to use the result file of a previous job as a template. That way you can extend the exported file of one job with the results of another job.

This feature can be helpful if you would like to:

  • export data from both the product tree as well as the view tree or CS MAM (requires different data maps because it requires different reader settings)
  • use other settings and configurations that force you to work with two or more data maps.

Configuring a job to work with the result file of another job


In the first job, add a “Job related task” and select the action “Run another job to extend current Excel file”:

Open the drop down menu next to “job” and select the job you wish to work with the result file of the current job (you need to add the second job first for it to appear in the drop-down menu!):

For template, select “Run job with result file as a template” so SAWSConnector – SimpleExcel will run the next job using the result of the current job as the starting point for the next job. If you select “Run job with template from source data set”, the current job result will still be used but the template from the source data set of the next job will be used instead:


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