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Transform (formatted/unformatted) values with transformation list


With the plugin “SC::String – transform values/ with transformation list” and “SC::String – transform unformatted values with transformation list” you can change values so the system understands the value. Therefore you must generate a transformationslist and where you insert the value (source value) and your desired value (target value) for exchange e.g. a color with more variations but the system understands only one color.


Insert the attribute and select the function “SC::String – transform values with transformation list” or “SC::String – transform unformatted values with transformation list” in the dropdown menu. In this example we transform an unformatted value.

To difference if you were sending the unformatted or the formatted value there are two plugins for you to select. They only difference is the name.

Click on the red marked button for the extended settings, a new window opens.
Here you set your value that should be transfered to your system. (For both plugins the extended settings are identical)

Value Description Example
Transformation list Select which transformation list should be used. Land
Reverse transformation direction (switch source with target values) If this is activated the source value and the target value will be switched.
Sends an empty value if original value does not exist in transformation list Activate this option if you want to send a blank value for the source values that haven’t defined a target value.

If you don’t set this option the plugin sends the source value instead of a blank value.

Alternative formatting This plugin will be executed if it is required by a condition.

Transformation list:

The countrys will be the source value (ISO 3166)

In that example we change the value “Anguilla” for the target system. Therefore was the input for the source value the standard value “AI” (the PIM knows this standard value). We set the target value “ai_ai”.

Generate for the formatted or the unformatted value an extra transformation list. Because the plugin transforms only what you give him.

Value PIM

Results on the example from the Excel Connector.

Results on the example from GenericJSON.

Results from the log files



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