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Job related tasks

Navigate to the job you wish to add a related task to. Click on the “plus” sign next to “Job related tasks”:

SAWSConnector job related tasks

From the drop-down menu under “job event” select when the tast is to be carried out. From the next drop-down menu, select the specific task and in the last drop-down-menu, select what your main job should do after the related task was carried out. Once you have made selections for all three drop-down menus, click on the save button:

SAWSConnector job related task

The next screenshot shows an example for the task related job “send email”. Fill in the blue fields (they can look differently if you selected another task) and hit the save button again once you are done.

SAWSConnector job related tasks

With version 1.13 we have extended the condition plugins. You can now control whether, for example, task plugins should be executed when jobs were started by using the play button and not if they were started from the PIM/MAM. The shown example does only execute the task, if an user started the Job by using the play buttons.

Job Context Value
Job was startet by using the play buttons above 0
Job was startet by using the export dialog in the PIM, MAM or Deep Search Portal below 0

Or you can control that plugins are not executed in development job mode.

Job Typ Constant
Job normal mode 0
Job debug mode 1
Job development mode 2


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