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Execute array operations


This plugin executes several array operations based on the user input. This is a plugin of the SC::Tool family and is mostly used for further processing.

Click on the red marked button for the extended settings to open a new window. Here you can configure your value in the given editor, which result will then be transferred to the system.


Label Description Example
Course of action Determines what array operation the plugin performes e.g. removing all array/list entries with a specific value. Export array size
(Conditional) Values to be deleted (comma separated) If a remove option is selected, this additional field will be added. Here you can give comma seperated values which shall be either removed by their value or their key. value,42,another_value
Format result value using this plugin This plugin will be executed if it is required by a condition.
Transform language-dependent attributes into non-language-dependent attributes (first source language from the language mapping will be exported) or vice versa Make your choice Setting from the attribute

Results on the example from the SimpleExcel Connector.

In this example the array size is exported equal to the amount of pictures in an attribute

Result on the example from the Shopware Connector:


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