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Station configuration

Adding station

Add a new station to the SAWSConnector module. In order to do so, navigate to the SAWSConnector module and click on the “Add new station” button.

Select a tell-tale name and select the application WordPress. Select “Add new source data set and enter a name for the new source data set.
If you wish to use an already existing source data set, you will be prompted to select one of the existing source data set after switching “use existing source data set”.
Select if the instance you are about to creat is a productive, test or development system as well as the color you wish that instance to be displayed in. Save the new station using the “ok” button; the display of the window will change to the overview site.

To make the installation easier, there is a template for WordPress. Click on “Edit source data set” to get the preconfigures source data set template:



By clicking on the “Load button” the source data set is overwritten. Save the data and you have a preconfigured source data set, which you can now customize as required.

Click on “Edit station”:

In order to configure your station, please set the URL to the application (=your wordpress woocommerce shop website).

Enter the user name and password for the WordPress installation and link the channel and the product data as shown below.

The basic configuration of the station is now complete. You can now move on to to customize your source data set.

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