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Notes for field settings

Some configurations can get pretty big and complicated. This can make it hard to work together if someone else doesn’t knowwhat exactly a configuration is for or how it works internally.

For that reason we added the ability to add notes to plugins and rows.

There are 2 ways to access your notes.

Accessing Notes via the plugin editor

You can Access notes by clicking the corresponding tab in the plugin editor.

When accessing the top most plugin of a row the notes tab is called “documentation” instead.
Text written into as documentation will be used for pdf summaries.

Accessing Notes via the dedicated notes editor

Alternatively you may also access notes via a dedicated editor.
To open the notes editor press the corresponding button located next to the plugin selection.

The Note editor allows you to access all notes of a row, including chained plugins or placeholders.

You may also open the corresponding settings by clicking the gear icon.

As with the tab inside the plugin editor, the top most editor is the documentation used for pdf summaries.

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