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Execute a conditional format (switch-case)

The switch plugin allows you to define multiple tranformation paths based on a value.

Basic Info

Use Cases

  • Use different format-plugins based on the type of an Item (Product, Mamfile, View)
  • Export different attributes based on a CS select attribute
  • Change formatting based on the workflow-state


(Any) The input may be forwarded to additional plugins.


Forwards the value of the used format plugin


To use a switch-case, select it in a format-plugin selection

After selecting the plugin, open it’s settings by clicking on the gear icon next to the selection.

Value for cases

Enter a value which will be compared with the available cases.
This will usually be a placeholder.

User defined Cases

In this Table you can define cases.


Use this checkbox to disable a case without deleting it.
This can be useful for testing purposes.

Case Value

The case value which is compared against the defined value above

Source Value

The source value for the transformation plugin.
If the source is empty, the input of the switch plugins will be used. (NOT the Value for cases)


Here you can select the format plugin which will be used when both values match.
If you don’t select any plugin, the connector will use the next row whith one selected.

Default case

If none of the case values match, the default plugin is used.
The options are the same as above.

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