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SCMagento::Format Variant Article


The plugin “Plugin SCMagento::Format Variant Article” specific for Magento will export the required attributes for “Variant Articles” to Magento.


Please note:
You can find the instruction for the configuration from variant/configurable products in CS PIM here: variant products.


In the Magento source data set select the plugin: SCMagento::Magento-format Variant Article under the register “Attribute mapping for configurable products” .

The attribute “PdmarticleID” is fixed and the attribute code is “configurable_variations”. You must only set the format plugin “SCMagento::Magento-Format Variant Article” from the dropdown menu.

Click on the gear button from the “SCMAGENTO::Magento-Format Variant Article” plugin for the extended settings, a new window opens.

This values comes from the table “SC::Complex Article” in the PIM, from the tab “Data”. (for the configuration instruction for this table see above)

Plugin Configuration:

Meaning of the settings for the variant in Magento

Label Description Example
variant-selector SC_MAGENTOFIELD_VARIANTS – Referenz to configurable attribute  Color
Product values sku – Article number PdmarticleID
Product values color_variant – unformatted configurable attribute COLOR_GREEN

Result of the variant product export to Magento

Example with more configurable attributes

Mapping table

All configurable attributes are listed in the configuration mapping table of the Plugin “SCMagento::Format Variant Article”. The attributes for the variant are defined by the variant selector.

Result with 2 configurable attributes, sent to Magento

Details / Limitations

  • The configurable attributes must be set to scope=global and type=select (click here for details and scroll down to “Rule for configurable attributes in Magento”)
  • The individual variants must have the same attribute set.
  • The plugin of the configurable attribute must be set to “unformatted” value (in the source data set).
  • Before synchronizing the variants, do not forget to synchronize the attributes and attribute sets used in the variants.
  • If several products have the same values ​​for the configurable attributes, only 1 product is assigned
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